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Our Approach

We always aim to be independent of any sort of direct, outside influence. Our goal is simply to educate, and through education, better society. It is on this foundation that we dedicate ourselves to never allowing outside donations, or the like, lead to bias or skewed representations of reality in our work.

GRG is ever-changing, with a thorough capability for self-analysis and critique. In providing our readers with unbiased, fact-based, and thought-provoking content on reliably sourced and well-thought-out information, we will always correct our mistakes - removing misinformed posts, interacting in the comments section with our readers, and editing posts for accuracy/fairness as often as is necessary.

Our work aims to always reflect our approach; it is on this premise that our organization has dedicated ourselves to constant improvement. Improvement, however, is impossible without first knowing where things can improve, so we will always admit when we are wrong.

We encourage all visitors to read through our available material to gain a deeper understanding of Eco-Socialism.



Intellectual discourse with open-minded people around the world is the best way to make a positive difference in society. With so many pressing issues facing America and the world today - from runaway inequality to anthropogenic climate change, - it is imperative that we have passionate leaders seeking unique, logically sound solutions to what is a fundamentally flawed status quo. We seek to facilitate these discussions through our platform and research.


Our Leadership

Tim Worts, MBA

Founder & CEO
Financial Analyst
MBA in Financial Analytics/BS Finance
Founded Green Research Group (GRG) in April, 2018