The Anthropocene

The Anthropocene is constituted by a number of catastrophic environmental stressors. Our entering the sixth mass extinction, being classified as a toxic planet, and an apocalyptic climate trajectory are just the tip of the (ever-melting) iceburg. We have had one chance before to save earth and failed. Here, in the first half of the 21st century, this is our make-or-break moment to either save human life on Earth, or risk losing the existence of humanity itself in a leap toward a collective environmental suicide.

“The planet is transitioning under our onslaught to a new era called the Anthropocene… The Anthropocene, for humans and most other species, will most likely conclude with extinction or a massive die-off, as well as climate conditions that will preclude most known life forms. We engineered our march toward collective suicide although global warming was first identified in 1896 by the Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius…

Astronomers call the inevitable death of advanced civilizations across the universe ‘the great filter.’ Robin Hanson in the essay, ‘The Great Filter—Are We Almost Past It?’ argues that advanced civilizations hit a wall or a barrier that makes continued existence impossible. The more that human societies evolve, according to Hanson, the more they become ‘energy intensive’ and ensure their own obliteration. This is why, many astronomers theorize, we have not encountered other advanced civilizations in the universe. They destroyed themselves.” ~via TruthDig